CIA’s man Moussa Koussa (Musa Kusa) of Gaddafi’s Inner Circle free to travel

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My contacts in Libya say Moussa Koussa (Musa Kusa or Mousa Kousa) is a very secretive guy – and scary. “He’s the one that writes reports about all of us (well – the opposition).”

When asked why they thought Moussa’s name had not been included on the no travel/asset freeze list, the response was, “He helped USA and Libya reach a deal in 2003. I think it’s their way of thanking him.”

Moussa Koussa (Musa Kusa), representing the Gaddafi Libyan regime, negotiated the conditions of Libya’s $2.7 billion compensation payment to families of the Lockerbie victims and the dismantling of Libyan weapons of mass destruction. Until the Libyan Feb17 revolution, Moussa is reported to have cooperated with British and American intelligence agencies in their fight against a mutual enemy— Islamic terrorism, particularly Al Qaeda.

Makes you wonder who put together the sanctions list of Gaddafi’s Inner Circle. There is plenty of print claiming Moussa Koussa is the CIA’s man in Libya. It seems incredibly odd that the man from Gaddafi’s Inner Circle known as “the envoy of death” has literally gotten a free pass. Why? His hands seem as bloody as the rest of the crew.

Koussa was head of the Libyan diplomatic mission in London when expelled from Britain in 1980 for allegedly organizing the killing of opponents of Colonel Gaddafi’s regime living in exile. At one time he was high on the British and US terrorism blacklists.

What’s he up to now in Tripoli? There are rumors that the Libyan Foreign Minister Moussa Koussa is commanding the security battalions. Al Jazeera purports Saadi Gaddafi has that job description. I think less of that after seeing a defeated Saadi in the ABC interview with Cristiane Amanpour – unless he’s playing safari with mercenaries hunting down Libyan citizens.

I’ve felt for a while that someone in the Inner Circle outside of the Gaddafi family is running the campaign against the freedom fighters. I don’t see the strength, except maybe in Khamis. Gaddafi is known to be wily under his craziness. But he seems just too deranged for any practical strategy or tactics.

Al Jazeera mentions Koussa specifically as key to Gaddafi’s downfall, pointing to the fact that Kousa is a noticeable exclusion from the “no travel list.” Was that exclusion meant to be an invitation to defect?

Omar Khattaly, spokesman for the Libyan Working Group, thinks it’s more likely Koussa will stick with Gaddafi to the bitter end.

Will he martyr himself or use his connections at the CIA to abandon ship?  If his defection proved a catalyst to Gaddafi’s demise and put a quicker end to the killing, there would be many who would say the end justifies the means. We’ll just have to wait to see who ends up in the bunker with Gaddafi.

For more on the Saadi Gaddafi – Amanpour interview see: Saadi Gaddafi: UN Security Council travel ban will keep me from safari”

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