Gaddafi drug jokes among tales of hope and struggle on Twitter

A Point of View, Libya, Middle East & North Africa, Politics | | February 27, 2011 at 12:54

It’s not only the Egyptians who can make jokes in the face of terror and struggle. The tweets coming out of Libya, usually focused on the latest clashes, flag-raising, defections and calls for a no-fly zone, are interspersed with jokes about the Gaddafi family – especially Muammar, Saif and drugs. Even Saif Gaddafi has a weak spot for jokes, declaring in an interview that the world will see that stories spread by the media will turn out to be a big joke.

Here’s the Gaddafi jokes on Twitter that I picked up in about 5 minutes waiting for the UNSC to vote on sanctions:
Gaddafi and Drugs:
“The protesters are starting to drop their weapons as the drugs Al Qaeda gave them is wearing off.”
“Hey, are you kids experimenting with your LSD or are you trying to take my job?”
“#Saif sure knows a bunch about ecstasy laced Nescafe.”
“Mercenaries from Brazil are going to invade from the West. They’re bringing coffee.”
“Nope, just my t9 on acid. kinda like the same stuff you are on.”
“No wonder he talks so much about rats & cats in the dark, spends too much time in undergrnd tunnels? not LSD.”
“Seriously, after listening to myself, I confirm that I’m crazy.”
“I knew that “‘m crazy, but I had no idea that my son is an idiot.”
“Only heard about giant worm, like in Tremors movie, eating mercenaries in desert and now heading to #Tripoli.”
“The most up to date info I have suggests that the Wicked Witch of the west is sending her flying monkeys to help.”
“UN Security Council draft: Gaddafi to face global travel ban. — I have Mick Hucknall’s passport & red hair dye.”
“Lol, I’m starting to wonder if an engineer at the communications centre in #libya is screwing with the regime. Free calls/internet etc?”
“World requests Libyan protesters to surrender before Gaddafi gives another speech.”
Saif al-Islam Gaddafi
“Is #Saif ever going to change clothes?”
“#Saif is going to need to change his underwear soon, esp when the revolutionaries burst through the door.”
“#Saif needed time to make sure he looks good.”

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