Saadi Gaddafi: UN Security Council travel ban will keep me from safari

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If Saif al-Islam looked beat, then Saadi Gaddafi had the air of a man who had thrown in the towel in his ABC interview with Cristiane Amanpour.

When asked about the UN sanctions against his family, he told Amanpour that, “only the travel issue bothers me. I’m going to hire a lawyer.”

He went on to explain that he has some hobbies. He likes hunting and there are no safaris in Libya.

“I gotta go to Safari. I gotta have a lawyer.”

Amanpour asked about the people of Libya wanting more and whether it was justified.

“Everybody always wants more. There is no limit.”

Saadi called the recent upheaval in the region an earthquake and predicted chaos everywhere. He told Amanpour that one hour after his father leaves, there will be civil war in Libya.

In response to Amanpour’s question about how he felt being Muammar Gaddafi’s son, he replied in a very tired voice, “I have to live with being his son. I would rather be me. Saadi.”

I found it very hard to believe that this Saadi Gaddafi is in charge of quelling the uprising and putting down protesters. I see a defeated man not capable of commanding an effective campaign. I see a man longing for a life that he knows now is over.

For a summary of Amanpour’s interview with Saadi’s brother, Saif al-Islam: Freezing Gaddafi family assets: Saif tells Amanpour “We don’t have money.”

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