Gaddafi Zenga Zenga music videos on YouTube

A Point of View, Libya, Music, Politics | | February 28, 2011 at 13:55

Take a look at a couple Zenga Zenga music YouTubes featuring Gaddafi and set to the Zenga Zenga (also spelled Zanga Zanga) autotune song written by Noy Alooshe to mark the Free Libyan revolution. I think it’s safe now to call the uprising a revolution.

This YouTube shows Gaddafi in a popular JibJab disco dance set to Zenga Zenga song.

This YouTube shows Gaddafi giving his speech from the bombed out bunker set to Zenga Zenga song, but with dancing girls.

note: Noy Alooshe is Israeli. There was some initial backlash. But generally the sentiment can best be summed up by a comment in an Arabic talkback:  “What’s the problem if he’s an Israeli? The video is still funny.”

Alooshe has a facebook page:

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