Where is Twitter outrage at Russia and China opposition to no-fly zone for Libya?

A Point of View, Libya, Middle East & North Africa, Politics | | March 1, 2011 at 20:37

Does Libya want a no-fly zone or not? Is that considered “help or intervention?” If they do want a no-fly zone, then why aren’t the tweets flying hard and fast that show outrage at Russia and China for opposing a UN Security Council resolution for a no-fly zone to be enforced by NATO?

I follow Twitter #Libya and #Egypt religiously. First I heard, “Where is the U.S.? Where is Obama?” There was a huge cry for help.

Then suddenly it changed from “Why isn’t America doing something?” to “No intervention. We don’t want help.”

I support the Libyan people’s uprising and have from Day One. But just as they complain about mixed messages, I’m getting mixed messages too – from Libyan Twitters. But the tweets are silent on Russia and China who oppose a no-fly zone. Who knows what Russia and China support? It’s certainly not democracy.

Sigh – It took a lot of martyrs spilling their precious blood for the world to act. It looks like a lot more is yet to come. Russia and China don’t seem to mind.

Gaddafi is a master of manipulation. He stayed on top in Libya for 42 years by dividing and ruling. He’s licking his chops as the Libyan twitters go at the U.S.  The Gaddafi regime is emboldened.

Obama doesn’t want to be involved in another war and either does America. In a democracy, everyone gets to speak their mind. Those talking loudest are not necessarily those who make the decisions.

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