Zenga Zenga means revolution starts from every street, every corner

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My Egyptian friend Tarek has helped me out with the meaning of Zanga Zanga, the hot tune circulating on YouTube that was created for the Libyan Feb 17 revolution. I should say that the lyrics were written by Alooshe. The music is originally by Pitbull and T-Pain. To see the original: www.youtube.com/watch?v=LefQdEMJP1I

Tarek adds yet another meaning for zanga as “corner.”  Libyan tweeter @ChangeInLibya says it means “alley” or “very narrow street.” I also asked Tarek about the meaning of “Shibber Shibber.”

Tarek tells me that shibber is a measurement – approximately 20 centimeters  – or that of a human hand. I’m thinking that “shibber shibber” could translate well to “poco a poco” (Spanish meaning little by little.)

According to Tarek, the YouTube song, written by Israeli Noy Alooshe, says revolution starts from every street, every corner, every centimeter. Revolution ….revolution to the front, to the front …

According to Tarek, the correct spelling is Zanga Zanga, although Zenga Zenga seems the most popular on the internet. For those who aren’t familiar with Arabic, words are made of 3 consonant roots, without use of vowels. It’s easy to mix “e” and “a” – just like it’s easy to spell Gaddafi a dozen different ways and they’re all correct. Think of the god Ra also spelled Re.

YouTube: Inch Inch – time for action of Gaddafi with Zanga Zanga (Zenga Zenga) music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERqPuKocHlU

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