3 Gaddafi sons among Libyan Inner Circle names on ICC investigation list

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Mutassim Gaddafi

Luis-Moreno Ocampo announced that eight Libyans from Gaddafi’s Inner Circle would be investigated for crimes against humanity, but did not name names. He said that those on the list had either de facto or formal authority and that they would be held criminally responsible for any war crimes committed by those following their orders.

He stated simply Muammar Gaddafi and three of his sons. @SultanAlQassemi reports

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi

diplomatic sources name Saif al-Islam, Khamis and Mutassim, although Saadi and Hannibal each command a regiment.

Why are only three of his sons under ICC investigation when all seven brothers were named on the UN sanctions list? Mohammed and Saif al-Arab lead low key lives. Mohammed is the oldest brother and born to Gaddafi’s first wife. Saif al-Arab has lived most of his adult life in Germany.

The four members of Gaddafi’s Inner Circle mentioned were:

1. Minister of Foreign Affairs:  Musa Kusa (Moussa Koussa). Notably Musa Kusa was NOT on the UN sanctions/asset freeze list.

2. Head of Security and Military Intelligence: Abdullah Al-Magrahi Al-Senussi, Gaddafi’s brother-in-law. al Senussi has already been convicted in France of complicity

Khamis Gaddafi

in the bringing down the UTA flight over Niger.

3. Head of Gaddafi’ personal security: Abdulqadar Dibri.

4. Head of External Security: Abu Zayd Umar Dorba, former UN Ambassador.

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