Tweets of love and encouragement from the world to Libya before Friday battles

A Point of View, Libya, Middle East & North Africa, Politics | | March 3, 2011 at 19:39

It is 4:30 am in Libya. In a few hours, Libyan freedom fighters will take to the streets for a FREE LIBYA – even knowing that Gaddafi and his evil Inner Circle will stop at nothing to crush them.

Here are some of the tweets I received in just one hour. They are from everywhere, from all those following the struggle. From those who want to show their love and encouragement in the last hours before dawn Friday March 4.

“It is Friday in #Libya — God is with us, today is the day inshAllah.”

“For some of Tripoli’s youth, this will be their last night. May God have mercy on all our martyrs in #Libya.”

“All Egyptians are supporting you, I believe you will make it..”

“Your support is incredible, a flood of tweets I can not reply to all. We are the grandsons of Omar Al Mokhtar, we will never give up inshala.”

“Your courage and strength are unbeatable and you will prevail! We all love you!”

“As night breaks into the early hours in Libya,please take a few minutes to pray for a nation who long to be free #Libya.”

“We in #Saudi include #Libya daily in our prayers,all positive energy is going your way, stay safe and be free soon inshaAllah.”

“@ShababLibya you inspire me – all of you. Your love for your home and your courage is amazing to witness, half a world away.”

“Tomorrow is Friday and we hope it will be the day of departure for #Gaddafi. Stay safe, we are all behind you. From Turkey.”

“What a wonderful outpouring of global support you have received, recognizing your courage. I’ve learned to love #Libya thru you.”

“Thank YOU for informing us about what’s going on. Keep it up and stay safe! Good luck!”

“we are all behind you, proud to be Libyan” Even those of us who aren’t Libyan!”

“Stay strong and focused, this is your finest hour, you do not stand alone. One World!”

“Blessings on your beautiful country, and your soul’s cry for freedom, angels smile on you and all your people.”

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