Interpol issues orange not red alert for Gaddafi family and Inner Circle

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Interpol issued an orange alert today for “possible movement of dangerous individuals and assets.”

It did not issue a red alert, as in the case of Julian Assange of WikiLeaks, as a red alert requires the request of a member country and an underlying national arrest warrant.

File No.:  2011/108/OS/CCC

“The individuals listed in this Notice have been identified as being involved in or complicit in planning attacks, including aerial bombardments, on civilian populations…They are subject to one or more of the following UN sanctions: Travel Ban and Assets Freeze.”

SECURITY ALERT: (16 persons)
Qadhafi (Gaddafi), Muammar
al-Baghdadi, Dr. Abdulqader Mohammed
Dorda, Abu Zayd Umar
Jabir, Maj. Gen. Abu Bakr Yunis
Qadhafi (Gaddafi), Aisha Muammar
Qadhafi (Gaddafi), Hannibal
Qadhafi (Gaddafi), Mutassim
Qadhafi (Gaddafi), Saadi
Qadhafi (Gaddafi), Saif al-Islam,
Dibri, Abdulqadar Yusef
Matuq, Matuq Mohammed
Qadhaf al-Dam, Sayyid
Qadhafi (Gaddafi), Khamis
Qadhafi (Gaddafi), Mohammed
Qadhafi (Gaddafi), Saif al-Arab
al-Senussi, Col Abdullah

Still asking why Gaddafi’s wife Safiyah not on list when all of his children are.  Also missing from the list is his adopted son.

Official Security Alert:

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