Congratulations Free Libya on NFZ + whatever it takes short of “boots on the ground”

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We all held our breath. France took the time to make a statement. And they deserved it. They have led the way for Libya. Vive la France!!!

French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe expressed France’s outrage at Gaddafi and then French support of Free Libya. It was well-orchestrated drama and very civilized. The UN at its best.

note: France was the first country to recognize the TNC – Libyan Transitional National Council – as the legitimate representative of the the Libyan people,

The Security Council had pity on the world and went straight to the vote. 10 in favor. 5 abstentions. Those countries that abstained are Russia, China, Brazil, India and Germany. I could make a lot of comments about the abstentions, which are in reality “no” votes, but I have to commend Russian and China for at least not vetoing. They could have. India was the most mealy-mouthed of all. “Support democracy in Libya,” but couldn’t vote yes because hadn’t received a complete report. Please. Don’t insult us. Just excuses for not wanting to take action. In my opinion the five abstentions should just all be ashamed.

But in just a few moments, after a simple showing of hands, the world shifted on its axis. People began to have faith again that there is something called justice and right and humanity. That the forces of Good might prevail over Evil.

Congratulations to the people of Libya that the UN Security Council, in concert with the Arab League and the GGC, had the courage to say “enough” to Gaddafi. “We will bomb you if necessary to make you stop.”  No boots on the ground though – and that is just fine with everyone. Nobody wants that. And if the playing field is leveled, the Libyans can finish the job.


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