NPR memoriam for Mo Nabbous, citizen journalist of TV Libya Alhurra

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Mo on Air

NPR’s Andy Carvin talks in this NPR memoriam about Mohammed (Mo) Nabbous, the citizen journalist who started TV Libya Alhurra with his laptop on February 18 and was assassinated by a sniper’s bullet on March 18.

One month to the day of reporting minute-by-minute action of a people’s uprising against tyranny. With no international press and the only TV outlet Libyan State TV,  Mo was the only voice of Free Libya for days.

He was silences and his life taken by pro-Gaddafi forces, but his work is remembered here and in the hearts of the hundreds who followed him from all corners of the world.

NPR by Andy Carvin:
Remembering Mo Nabbous, ‘The Face of Libyan Citizen Journalism’

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