Misrata Battle Twitter YouTubes from @ChangeInLibya

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@ChangeInLibya Mhalwes
MISRATA MUST SEE: The battle that led to the liberation of the technical sciences college:
@ChangeInLibya Mhalwes
See my last tweet, if you wanted proof of how brave the people in Misrata are. One guy runs around with axe, others run into line of fire
@ChangeInLibya Mhalwes
Look at the guy on the bulldozer almost getting killed. A bulldozer hits the front end and the others tell him to run
@DamnYanqui john james
The courage and strength of the Libyan people leave me with no adequate words
@chrisalbon Christopher R. Albon
Incredible combat footage from Libya
@mpdingo marie
Grande démonstration de courage des combattant vidéo Image de combat en #Libye incroyable
@carolv27 Carol Viana
Never in my live I’ve seen live combat like this, you guys are NINJAS!
ALibyanEuphoria Libya’s Own
@carolv27 they’re not ninjas…just libyan ;D
H3shoor Huda Ashoor
Speechless, it’s obvious that the blood of Omar Mukhtar runs in their veins! Goodness gracious. I rewinded like so many times.

@ChangeInLibya Mhalwes

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