Old photo of Safiya Gaddafi, mother of the gang of brothers, emerges. Is she in Tunis with Aisha?

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Gaddafi and his second wife Safiya, mother to Aisha & Gang of 6 Brothers

One look at this woman’s face and it’s easy to understand how she and Muammar could have produced such monstrous offspring. Safiya is Gaddafi’s second wife and mother to his only daughter Aisha and 6 of his 7 sons: Saif al-Islam, Saadi, Mutassim, Khamis, Hannibal, Saif Al-Arab

Saif al-Islam: The unofficial leader of Libya as Muammar seems to have lost touch with reality. Saif is now wanted by the ICC for crimes against humanity. Last seen at the supposed funeral of his youngest brother Saif Al-Arab.

Saadi: The playboy brother who is rumored to be in hiding at a friend’s house and seeking ways of defecting. His favorite occupation is big-game hunting. Not much chance of that now.

Mutassim: The giant brother who has rivaled Saif al-Islam for power and once actually attempted a coup against his father. He has a reputation for brutality and supposedly heads the assault in Brega with intent to re-take Benghazi.

Mutassim with Hillary

Khamis: Another one known for brutality, he was last seen on the beach outside of Misrata, commanding troops to attack the city. Earlier rumors of his being killed by a kamikaze pilot attack on Bab Al-Aziziyah would be dispelled if the defectors story of Misrata are true.

Hannibal: Not much has been heard of him nor have there been reports of sightings. He’s best known for beating his wife and attacking servants and hotel staff in Switzerland.

Saif al-Arab: The youngest of the gang of brothers, Saif al-Arab spent most of his time in Munich. Reports on his whereabouts were mixed until it was claimed he was killed in a NATO attack on the Gaddafi compound. A funeral was held, but his face was draped with a flag, causing many to suspect his death. His brothers Saif and Saadi attended, but not Gaddafi himself or any other of the gang of brothers.

Mohammed: The oldest son is from Gaddafi’s first marriage which lasted six months. Guess she saw the light early on. Mohammed was the businessman of the gang of brothers and made a fortune in telecommunications. He is rumored to be in a hospital in Tunisia.

Aisha in mink at start of Libyan revolt

Aisha: The sole daughter is a piece of work herself and was last seen in the early days of the uprising in her mink coat, disclaiming any problems in Libya. She is rumored to be injured and in the same hospital as Mohammed, but there has been no hard confirmation. She is best known for being on the defense team of Saddam Hussein.

Indeed, getting hard facts about the Gaddafi family right now is nigh on impossible. The Inner Circle has drawn so tight, virtually no news gets out. Other than reports that Safiya Gaddafi has 20 tons of gold, she has not been seen since the revolt started. Latest reports put her in Djerba Tunisia with her daughter Aisha. It was also rumored she and Muammar were in the house that was bombed by NATO and that the house had indeed been hers, but she had given it to Saif al-Arab. NATO says it was a communications center. Why wouldn’t Muammar work from home?

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