Tales of torture and rape in Libyan prison Abu Salim – from @WheelerTweets

Libya, Middle East & North Africa | | July 12, 2011 at 09:23
This man was tortured in prison in Tripoli for 84 days.

This man was tortured in prison in Tripoli for 84 days.

This man was tortured in prison in Tripoli for 84 days. Electrocuted in his groin. Gun shafts twisted in his stomach. Burned with cigarettes. Beaten. Ligaments crushed. The list goes on. Too much for Twitter…

Can’t show his face or disclose his name. He still has family at risk in Tripoli. For now, an anonymous story.

He was shot in the foot on Feb 19 in those early protests in Tripoli. The bullet wasn’t removed until yesterday, here at this hospital in Tunis.

He left prison with a friend, who then committed suicide. Hung himself in Ben Gardan. Gaddafi forces had raped his wife, and then she jumped to her death out a window. They burned his house, destroyed his car and shop. Said he had nothing to live for.

When he describes his own torture, his eyes are closed and his voice is quiet. But when he speaks of the prison rapes by Gaddafi thugs, he breaks into tears. Eleven female med students were raped in the prison. And the guards raped any guys who were ‘pretty.’

He witnessed the Gaddafi thugs not only rape these eleven young women, but also cut off their breasts and murder them. This occurred in Tripoli’s notorious Abu Salim prison. He said they were divided into groups; tortured in stages…At one point, electrocution. At another, burning. At another, hanging by their toes. At another, rape…

Here’s a tweet from @tripolitano to @wheelertweets: “How many more untold stories? The world has to hear these stories. Our Arab brothers have to hear them 2 know da real #Gaddafi.”

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