Conditions in Tunis Hospital for Libyan FFs by @WheelerTweets

Libya, Middle East & North Africa, Military | | July 14, 2011 at 12:42

Live 3am. 1st floor of this private hospital in Tunis where many Libya FFs are patients. Raw sewage everywhere. Bad

Live (3 am): 1st floor of this private hospital in Tunis where many Libyan FFs are patients. Raw sewage everywhere. Bad.

Some injured FFs I know from Misrata, Zintan and Kikla are on this floor. I’ve been staying nearby recently, since returning from the Nafusa Mountains. I visit patients here at least once a day.

A few asked me to help get this news out to the media.

I’m in touch with plenty of reporters and producers. That’s not the issue. This isn’t the kind of story their bosses want. How do I tell the FFs that the press and public aren’t much interested in the post-battlefield side of the Libya drama?

Brown blotches on floor are human feces. Stench is terrible. Clinic staff are pushing it out the lobby doors with squeegees.
The toilet/sewer water has seeped into most of the rooms on this ground floor. No bleach or other disinfectants in sight. The hallway pic I tweeted is from the door of the room of a Zintan FF who’s a patient here.

My feet and sandals are contaminated, so I tried to wash them off. But there is no soap or towel in the toilet room in this pricey hospital patient room. And I’m not about to walk through that hallway again anytime soon. Sigh. Boots, flashlight and hand sanitizer are more useful.

4 am here in a Tunis hospital full of Libyan FFs. Sewage still all over the ground floor. Still no sign of bleach or other disinfectants. I hear laughing and French chatter from staff in the lobby. No one in the filthy hallways. Not so great on crisis management.

I’m exhausted. Will try taking a nap for a few hours in this room with a Zintan FF who was re-admitted today. He was shot in the stomach in the mountains. Discharged prematurely. Started bleeding. Had to come back. Tough young man, but groaning in pain. His family has been through more and shown me more kindness than I can express. I’ll stay with him through this ordeal tonite. 

Sewage on the floor has been there for at least the past 5 hours. Some “sweeping” with squeegees. No mopping. No disinfecting. Haven’t checked with patients in the other rooms yet, but likely the same.

Good night. In about 3 hours, this hospital should be buzzing with cleaning crews and breakfast carts – and angry, perplexed, worried patients.

4:37 am. A shorter hallway on ground floor of this Tunis hospital full of Libyan FFs. Brown on floor is sewage.

7:30 am. The hallway smells of soap now; the sewer water is not an inch thick on the floor. They did some cleanup the past few hours.

Sewage on the ground floor started before 8 pm. And to make matters worse, the air conditioning was out all night. Bad combo.

Hallway on the ground floor of Tunis hospital. 730am. Sewage on the floor has been there for at least the past 5 hours.

Note: The following is tweet from @meshelmay who was with James for a few hours:

“spent disturbing time in Tunis hospital w/ @wheelertweets & Misrata freedom fighters the past 24 hs. raw sewage covered floor & broken AC. for those already in excruciating pain, they also had to deal w/hottest night yet this summer & the foul smell permeating hospital.”

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