On Federal debt deadlock and GOP risk to America

2012 Presidential Race, A Point of View, Politics | | July 14, 2011 at 15:08

Op-Ed by Frank Harbinger

“The current deadlock in Washington over the expansion of the Federal debt ceiling is a threat to America’s economic stability. It (not the debt, but the deadlock and criminal failure to act) is a severe risk for the world’s economy and a grave financial a danger to countless individual Americans. It is also an unprecedented national disgrace.

This gridlock, menace, and humiliation is due to one party’s adamant determination to undermine the administration of President Barack Obama, and to thwart his re-election hopes. The Republican Party has chosen to attempt this – in their words, to “break” this popularly elected president – by sabotaging the US economy, stalling and reversing our current economic recovery, and obstructing any government measures to create jobs, stimulate lending, or balance Federal revenue and spending, This has been their political strategy since the election of President Obama, but it is now at a crisis point due to the imminent financial strangulation of the entire US government.

This debt ceiling increase and spending authorization has never been a crisis before. It was passed unquestioningly during all eight years of the Bush Administration, a time of profligate spending matched with reckless tax giveaways that undermined Federal revenue. This is the so-called “conservative” party that, on entering office in 2001 with a budget surplus, raised the national debt to unprecedented levels. They left this country in a recession with wars and bailouts that depleted the Treasury. The economic decline they created calls for emergency spending to create jobs and stimulate the economy. This type of policy, universally recognized as effective, was working during the first years of the Obama administration. But now, as the 2012 election approaches, the Republicans and their media outlets and even some Democrats suddenly proclaim the National Debt to be a huge concern. It wasn’t under Bush, whys should it be under Obama? Still, this is the campaign slogan under which they are bringing our government to a grinding halt.

Shrinking, stalling, or paralyzing government has no possible benefit to America, to our citizens, or even to the Republicans, except in their short-sighted, obsessive political calculation to defeat Obama (or Hillary, or whomever they demonize as an “accepted target.”) On the contrary, just their threat of a spending freeze or Federal shutdown weakens our economy, jeopardizes the recovery and hurts us all. This is obstructionism, intransigence, stalling, anti-Americanism, and even treason of the worst kind when it’s funded by foreign corporations. This spending limit deadlock and freeze is made possible by the recent election of a few rabid radical Tea Party candidates who are anti-government and proclaim a wish for weak or nonexistent regulation, privatization of all public functions including police and military, laissez faire business privileges, or downright anarchy. However, even though the party may be hostage to their radical fringe, keep in mind that this Republican Party has voted and acted in total unity, staying in lock-step through all the years of the Bush administration and during this entire anti Obama crusade.

What are the reasons for this destructive antipathy that sways a decisive minority of Americans? There are various levels of blind reactionary thinking, some of which have been cultivated and promoted as a planned “social disease,” a mental pathology over the decades. One is anti-tax fervor. One is rabid faith in totally Free Enterprise, a religious type of devotion which pays no attention to established economic principles or demonstrated results but worships the mythical Invisible Hand of the non-existent Free Market as a type of religious entity, a Utopian ideal of the so-called “Theocons”. Several levels involve wedge issues courted and nurtured by the Republicans such as Christian Dominionists, anti- abortion crusaders, immigrant-haters and gun rights fanatics. One huge driving force is old-fashioned racism, the cultivated fear and contempt for an ethnically identifiable individual. This compulsion, shared mainly by older Americans, has always been a useful tool for dividing and conquering the populace and enticing people to support measures which are against their best interest. But other reactionary mindsets such as anti-environmentalism, anti-intellectualism, anti-science and evolution, and outright antisocial aggression and terrrorism also play a part.

But the central driving force behind this economic Armageddon is Class Warfare, the oppression and domination of the super-rich Oligarchy against ordinary Americans. The ultimate destruction of the American Middle Class is now within reach by a handful of plutocratic families, working through the impersonal cloak of all-powerful corporations, who are now gifted by our corrupt Supreme Court with inalienable Civil Rights just like you and me. This massive economic assault on our “Government Of, By And For The People,” following close after the real estate and investment banking assault by Wall Street brokers, and the Bush-decreed bailouts, stands to deal a final death-blow to the American Dream. The stakes are high, as are the donations, and the tactics are shrill and extreme.

But keep in mind, these targeted government institutions and supports of Americanism and the Middle Class are the same ones that were opposed, undermined and filibustered during the New Deal and the Medicare debate by this same Republican Party serving the same class of tycoons and feudalist forces.


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