LACMA permanent collection of Islamic Art is almost as impressive as Gifts of the Sultan

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Carved Ivory tusk, Moghul India with human figures from the permanent LACMA Islamic art collection (as all photos on this page.)

At LACMA, we visited the Gifts of the Sultan exhibit with an impressive collection of gifts either given by various Sultans of the Ottoman Empire to other crown heads, such as the Tsar of Russia, or received by them.

Photography was not allowed at the Sultan display. But just upstairs is the permanent LACMA (Los Angeles County Art Museum) collection of Islamic Art which has some very similar pieces, i.e. the Sultan’s signature, and certainly worth a visit.

Islamic art is usually non-representational, the exception being art in India and Persia which freely show the human form. The Persians and Moghul Indians also depict animal forms and exploit the floral motif in every way imaginable. The more strict Islamic worlds of the Middle East express their creativity through geometry and calligraphy depicting passages from the Holy Koran.

Persian glazed ceramic tile with animal and floral motif

Kufic script calligraphy on paper

Saracen Helmet with inlaid calligraphy

Sultan's signature - blue ink is from ground lapis lazuli

Greater Iran ceramic tile with scrolling floral arabesque

Wooden medallion screen with geometric and abstract floral arabesques

Ceramic Tile with Kufic script and floral motif

Carved stone Arabic Kufic script and minimal floral motif

Ceramic plate in classical blue and white with black and white geometric center design

For more information of Gifts of the Sultan go to: gifts-sultan-arts-giving-islamic-courts


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