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There are a lot of heroes in the Libyan revolution but also a lot of pain and heartbreak. Many victims of the war, civilian and freedom fighters alike, have gone to Tunisia for medical treatment. Some are children, some are women, some are men young and old – all have terrible injuries and are far from their families and support system. Family is so important in this part of the world – it’s important everywhere, but more so when in pain and a foreign country.

A group of people, who tweet about Libya and support the Libyan people in any way that they can, have gotten together under the leadership and through the energy and dedication of @Carolv27 to send happy cards to these wounded Lions of Libya.

You can help ease the pain. You can help heal the wounds. It’s so easy. Just go to the site, which has instructions in several languages, and get the post box address in Tunis to send a card. You won’t want to address it to anyone specific.

Just remember that a few minutes of your time to choose a card (or several!), get the right postage, and send some love will mean everything to those braving through surgeries and isolation. It will tell them that there are people all over the world who support and care for them.


About James Wheeler and @WheelerTweets.

James Wheeler with 3 FF from Kikla. Tunis Hospital July 2011

It’s thanks to the work of James Wheeler (@WheelerTweets) that the stories of injured and disabled brave Libyans have come to the world. You can read about these courageous young freedom fighters on my blog under several titles with @WheelerTweets.

I’ve posted a collection of photos and personal stories tweeted by James Wheeler, an American hero who dropped his life in the States to go to the Nafusa Mountains and later to Tunis, to help the Libyan Revolution. His work with the Freedom Fighters is the epic stuff of Hollywood. Hard to believe that real life heroes like him exist. I am so proud to “know” him through twitter.

FACEBOOK PAGE: Wounded Lions of Libya
You can also check out a facebook page dedicated to sending cyber messages to freedom fighters. You can post photos or comments expressing your love and regards: Wounded Lions of Libya

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