Aisha, Safiya, Mohammed and Hannibal Gaddafi held in luxury house arrest at Sheraton near Algiers

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Sheraton de Pins, new home of Gaddafi wife Safiya, daughter Aisha, and sons Mohammed and Hannibal

Information is starting to trickle out about the whereabouts of at least some of the Gaddafi family members. Wife Safiya, daughter Aisha and two sons Mohammed and Hannibal are “guests” of the Algerian government in a luxury Sheraton villa on the Mediterranean about 20 kilometers west of the capital Algiers.

Aisha gave birth to a baby girl (Safiya) in the desert oasis of Djanet. Her birth surely thwrated the plans of the Mercedes cavalcade to traverse Algeria and enter Niger. It’s still a mystery why the Algerian authorities allowed the Gaddafi group to enter Algeria and head south, only to fly them to Algiers on a private jet when Aisha was released from the desert clinic.

A report in the Telegraph says that Algeria refused to allow the 12 member Gaddafi family to bring a “big sack of money” and their own bodyguards. This is certainly a different story than the one told of a South African mercenary 35-man guard that accompanied them from Libya. And the other story that they were joined at the border by an Algerian escort. So many rumors…

But it seems fairly certain that the family is now housed (read house arrest) at the Sheraton Club Des Pins Resort & Towers in Staoueli, a seaside resort suburb of Algiers. Here’s a webcam of the hotel beach No doubt they are being held for their own protection. We can only speculate what the future will bring.

It has not been disclosed who of the family traveled with them other than the four names mentioned. Gaddafi grandchildren? Sons’ wives? Where is Aisha’s husband?

Said to be cut off the world both physically and electronically, the Telegraph reports that Aisha Gaddafi has been on a Google Talk account to complain about the war on her father’s regime.

Referenced Telegraph article: Libya: Gaddafi wife and children holed up in Algerian villa


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