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Red Mirror Series Isis new Cover for Kindle and iPad

Red Mirror Series Isis cover for Kindle & iPad

Red Mirror Series Athena of Korinth new Cover for Kindle & iPad

Red Mirror Series Athena Kindle & iPad Â

Red Mirror Series Elektra new cover for Kindle & iPad

Elektra of Red Mirror Series Kindle & iPad

After a several month hiatus from writing as I supported the Libyan Revolution and Arab Spring through twitter, I’ve finally gotten back to editing my ancient Egyptian novels for the Red Mirror Series in preparation for Kindle and iPad.

Isis has been shortened and made tighter and more fast-paced. The transitions from her ancient Egyptian past life to present life in Las Vegas have also been smoothed out.

I shifted my focus from educating to entertaining. There will still plenty of meat for history buffs in the Red Mirror Series, but I’ve tried to avoid reader anxiety that there might be a test.  The Red Mirror Series is meant to be enjoyed as escapes into sensuality and spiritual possibilities, but leave the reader more knowledgeable about ancient Egyptian life under the Pharaohs, the Greeks and the Romans.

Isis Every man’s dream is a racy adventure-love story of Isis the High Priestess on the Nile in Late Period Egypt just as the Persians invade (500 BCE). Expect some suprising meet-ups in Las Vegas. When one man is not enough…

Athena of Korinth is Isis more evolved. Our party girl gets smarter and more confident.  She’s sensual and in control. Set in Ptolemaic Alexandria Egypt during the time of the Greek pharaohs (200 BCE), Athena is a thriller quest for the Emerald Tablet that plays out in the art auctions of New York and Copenhagen. There are many kinds of love…

Elektra is the daring story of Isis rising from slave to Goddess in Roman Egypt during the time of Emperor Hadrian (100 CE). She’ll solve one of the great murder mysteries of all time: The death of Antinous.  It’s all about the Power. Worship me!

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