Obama State of the Union Address, Occupy Movement and NDAA

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President Obama pls support the Occupy MovementDear Mr. President Obama,

I hope you will address the concerns of the 99 Percent and the Occupy movement in your campaign, and most notably in your upcoming State of the Union message. This could be the kickoff for a surge in vital support from the same class of young and uncommitted voters who backed you in your 2008 presidential (AND Congressional) landslide. The Obama plan for the streamlining government sounds brilliant, but this by itself could be seen as a relic of the recent deficit-cutting and de-regulation frenzy. You need more.

I know you are an experienced community organizer who is accustomed to working with entrenched interests and intractable political parties. This has been the basis of your genius and the secret of your notable successes as President against unprecedented, ruthless opposition.But the question remains, can you unify the groundswell of popular sentiment against the banksters, swindlers and financial traitors, inspire the Occupiers, and lead this momentum to transform America – not to something strange, but BACK to the ideals and valued we once embraced?True, the Republicans are sucking up all the ink and airwaves with their preposterous freakshow of  inept and/or exploitive presidential candidates. They are enacting poll taxes and exclusionary laws, rigging elections not just against black voters but against all of us. The new question for ordinary decent Americans is, How Does It Feel to Be Jim Crow?

I recently heard a brilliant point – that those “inalienable rights,” which the Declaration of Independence says are “endowed by our Creator,” are now arrogantly assumed by corporations, which are mere paper creations with the tolerance of government.Since the Reagan/Bush and later Bush/Cheney administrations, our nation and economy have been victimized by a series of planned failures. These S&L and bank and mortgage takedowns, similar to Bush Junior’s stock swindles, are premeditated and criminal. If your Justice Department begins to recognize this and act on it, it can go a long way toward putting America back on track and regaining the devotion of the voters. In Britain the headlines read, “Jail the Bankers.”

I expect that banking failures and their root cause will be mentioned in your State of the Union Address. The Occupy Movement deserves the voice of President Obama to speak out.

One thing I don’t understand: how did the Defense Authorization act (NDAA) pass that allows the detention or rendition of US citizens here at home by the military? Was it panic over the Arab Spring and Euro discontent? As a Constitutional scholar President Obama, are you really ready to finally sign away our Habeas Corpus and Posse Comitatus protections?

I look forward to hearing your comments about the 99% and the Occupy Movement and sincerely hope you will address them in your State of the Union Address. I also respectfully request you reconsider your position on NDAA and do all possible to amend it. NDAA poses the greatest threat to our civil liberties than any other piece of legislation in recent history.

Your loyal constituent,

Frank Harbinger

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