Moonshadows in Malibu

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Moonshadows restaurant in Malibu

Moonshadows neon on Malibu beach

Moonshadows Malibu California

Moonshadaows lounge with view of Pacific through windows

What’s the best way to cap off a fabulous afternoon at the Malibu Getty? Easy, hands-down answer requiring no thought at all: drinks and dinner at Moonshadows in Malibu.

It starts when you walk in the door and see the Pacific Ocean just out the window. A little on the funky side, Moonshadows is quintessential Malibu of every Hollywood dream. Beautiful people in a beautiful setting, relaxed and beach-casual as found only in LA.


Eben and Marlio welcomed us at two prime seats at the bar. I started out with a Nolets Silver Dry (gin) martini, up with two plump green olives. Usually a Plymouth or Hendrix fan, this new gin (new to me) is super smooth with a hint of pine resin.

Moonshadows on Malibu Beach

The sun's just going down at Moonshadows on Malibu Beach

Andy, Malibu local, at Moonshadows Bar

Moonshadows Restaurant Malibu Beach California

Moonshadows by day on Pacific Coast Highway Malibu California

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