Free Libya! Feb 17 one year anniversary of Libyan Revolution

A Point of View, Libya, Politics | | February 16, 2012 at 21:35

I’m celebrating my one year anniversary. One year ago I got hooked on Free Libya. On Feb 17 I fell in love with Libya’s fight for freedom from the evil empire known as the Gaddafi regime. I fell in love with Mo Nabbous. I fell in love with Benghazi. I fell in love with the Victory sign and Freedom Fighters, with Zanga Zanga and Nescafe. I got sucked into Twitter and didn’t emerge for 7 months.

Epic Libyan via @ChangeinLibya

Here’s to all the beautiful people I met because of Libya. I love you all. FREE LIBYA!!! You amazed the world. You did the impossible. You will make the dream come true.

Irish Aid Convoy with James Wheeler @wheelertweets

My Twitter Station - Cyber Revolutionary and Libyan Patriot

We’ll never forget all those who lost their lives – or parts of their bodies – and members of their families. It was worth it. Freedom and justice will prevail.



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