Tajines made in honor of Libya fight for freedom from Gaddafi

Food & Drink, Libya, Middle East & North Africa | | July 7, 2012 at 18:21

I love to cook, and I love to tweet, and I love Libya. Last year, throughout the heat of the battles, during the dark days, when stress was most intense, I used to calm my nerves by cooking. The following are some of the tajines I made in honor of Libya and the valiant, brave fight for freedom from the Gaddafi mafia. Today the Libyans voted in their first election. Tonight they are feasting in every household. Maybe they are eating tajines. Certainly they are remembering every battle during the fight for freedom. Certainly they are remembering each town and each Freedom Fighter who gave the ultimate sacrifice to be free from Gaddafi and his litter of mad dog sons.

Brega tajine

Tawargha Tajine

Yefren chicken tajine

Zawiyah Fish Tajine

Zwara tajine with zuchini and raisins

Tripoli Tabouli

Libyan Election day chicken made for my Libyan friends on July 7 2012

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