Twitter photos from historic vote in new Libya first election

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My heart is full of joy today for the Libyan people. If you follow my blog, you know that I have followed the Libyan revolution from almost the very first day. Although I have never had the pleasure and privilege of visiting Libya – and I do so hope that I will soon – I have been there in spirit and made so many good and true friends through twitter, that Libya has forever marked my life. To me, Libya is the symbol of courage. How can we ever forget the images of young and old men fighting with knives and hunting rifles? How can we ever forget the momentous vote in the United Nations Security Council that called for NATO protection of civilians and ended in the West coming to the aid of a people revolting against an insufferable and arrogant tyranny? How can we ever forget the final fall of the Gaddafi mafia?

Some naysayers said this day would never come. That Libya would fall into pieces, torn apart by their tribal factions? Of course, it could still happen, but I don’t fear it hardly at all now. Libya has proven what I always believed. Just look at the pictures I downloaded from twitter of the historic voting in new Libya. Some places have had 70-80% turnout! Some of the polls have closed. Others are staying open until every Libyan standing in the queue has a chance to vote.

John McCain, who showed unflinching support from the very beginning for the people and their revolution, is in Tripoli now. Lucky him. The man who answered a reporter’s question of what he thought of the Libyans with “Why, they are my heroes,” now has the chance to see firsthand the fruits of his labors.

Vive the new Libya! Long live Free Libya! Mabruk my Libyan friends. Congratulations to all who followed this long, often painful, stressful and heart-breaking journey. We are all united at this moment in history. We are all Libyans!

I am SO PROUD of the Libyan women. They not only came out in droves to vote, women of all ages, but hundreds of them are running for office. I salute you!

79 yr old man cud barely walk and partially blind but voted in Abu Salem @pdanahar

Libyan polling station @Saleh9416

Libyan woman ulullating for joy in voting @Ray_224

wounded Freedom Figher voting @wheelertweets

Carrying elderly to vote @pdanahar

Martyrs Square Tripoli @paulbrennan

women queuing to vote in Benghazi @MaryFitzgerldlT

Martyrs Square is bouncing @Niz_FGM

Mother of Deputy PM voting in Gheryan @ceoDanya

Airport Road checkpoint @Clocus

Man who left hospital to vote @jenamoussa

Helping elderly woman vote @amhawal

People not wanting to leave polling stations in order to protect them @muttardi

80 years old and barely can walk, but she votes @thatgirlfarah

NOTE: There are so many more images. My program keeps bombing so must stop. Wish I could post every one!

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