Las Vegas World Affairs Council

Clubs & Assns | | February 1, 2007 at 15:20

For those of you who love our town but still crave the exotic lure of foreign lands, you need to check out the LVWAC (Las Vegas World Affairs Council). This fledgling organization is finding its feet and offers a program that is widely diverse, always international in flavor. You can partake of pancake breakfasts at the Four Seasons with guest speaker explaining the intricacies of the upcoming French presidential election to wild nights at the Moon and Playboy Club in celebration of LVWAC sponsor MAXjet Airways inaugural London-Las Vegas all business class flight.

The Group is the brainchild of Benjamin Duchek, its Chief Executive, who got started three years ago with help from Dr. Ron Morse and Dr. Daniel Villanueva. The joy of LVWAC is that many originate from other countries, most have extensive international experience and all are curious about the world and enthralled by social challenges, business opportunities and political processes from a global perspective. There are different levels of membership participation, and considering the calibre of guest speakers and other members, it is excellent value at whatever level you choose. Contrary to popular opinion, you can find people of intellect in Las Vegas.

Benjamin has excellent taste in choice of venues; the meeting las night at Tamba Lounge (Indian Restaurant) did not disappoint in service, cuisine, atmosphere or company. Upcoming programs include a Middle Eastern Series, The Future of Space, an Asian Gaming Series, and celebration of Turkish Cultural Day. The Council sponsors community outreach programs including the Annual Academic Worldquest competition for local schools and the International Educator of the Year Award for teachers from the Clark County School District, CCSN and UNLV. Find out more:

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