Superbowl Oscars for Commercials

TV | | February 5, 2007 at 13:18

Everybody has to say SOMETHING about the Superbowl, because even if you can’t make sense of the game or could care less, the great national common denominator is the commercial break between plays. Or is it plays between commercial breaks? What ARE they doing on the field while the rest of us are watching ads?

Anyway, if you are really into the ad thing, is devoting quite a bit a space to analysis and review of each noteworthy, or not so noteworthy bit of Madison Ave creativity. You can even participate in a poll for the best ad of the game from a field of 10. One wants to ask if there is a nominating committee? Who gets to decide this select list?

Budweiser captures 5 of the 10 spots on the "Best of Show" list. As an added feature, you can also vote for your favorite ad from each quarter – make your opinion count for something, maybe. What I thought was most interesting about the game was the fact that two critical flagged plays were successfully challenged, thanks to the miracle of instant replay. Watching the ref peer into the protected-from-the-rain video screen and his subsequent admission of fault made me cheer for technology. Just think of all the bad calls in the past that have stolen the trophy from deserving hands. No more shouting at the TV screen that the ref is blind (or is that baseball?). At least those on the field can see what the rest of us have been seeing and they are finally using the tools that have been available to them for quite a while. I knew TV was good for something.