Daily Word of Encouragement

FREE, Personal Development, Religion & Spirituality | | February 8, 2007 at 15:26

Ever thought about the word “encouragement” – and how’s it all about getting the “courage” to keep going? There is a little website that will send you an email every day with “Today’s Daily Word.” www.dailyword.com. I’ll caution that this is highly spiritual stuff and certainly based on a belief in God, although that God doesn’t necessarily take a form you might be used to. Unity is the spiritual (or religious, if you please) organization behind the daily inspiration. My thought is that Unity is a broad enough spiritual umbrella to encompass just about any faith to which you might adhere. There is an active Unity Church here in Las Vegas which is involved in a widely diverse spiritual quest. To learn more about Unity and their belief system, go to www.unityGV.org.