Aloha! Chinese New Year on the 9th Island

Food, Hawaiian | | February 12, 2007 at 20:37

Don’t miss the Chinese New Year celebrations at the Chinatown Plaza on Sunday Feb 25. As my calendar says that Chinese New Year is Feb 18, I don’t quite understand the date. I’ll do some checking and edit this if I get other information. At any rate, there should to be dancing dragons, Chinese martial arts, lots of color and food booths. The Las Vegas Hawaiian Civic Club will help with the festivities that usher in this most auspicious Red Pig Year (or Year of the Red Boar). Check out my blog on “Bellagio, Chinese New Year and Golden Pig” (Feb 6) for discussion of this most special coming year and what it portends. For more about the Hawaiian Civic Club on what the Hawaiians consider the “9th Island” (Las Vegas), check out their website Las Vegas Chinatown Plaza 4255 Spring Mtn Rd.

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