I Can Do It! A Mega Event of Self-Empowerment

Personal Development, Religion & Spirituality | | February 27, 2007 at 07:54

These are truly awe-inspiring times that we live in. A spiritual tidal wave is rolling over our worried, stressed-out heads and awakening us to the possibility of a richer, more fulfilled time on this planet. Our need for a connection with something larger than ourselves has historically been filled by the traditional temples and churches of our faith, by our belief in God and by his message as told in the Old and New Testament. The Catholic Church, the Baptist Church, the Synagogue guided us, and to the priests, pastors and rabbis we looked for answers to the trials and dilemmas of our lives.

But that is clearly no longer enough to satisfy the seeker of today, an affluent, educated, restless soul who, having satisfied basic needs and with more spare time than ever to contemplate, insists there must be more. And inherent in the idea of more is the conviction that there must be a way to have more power over our lives, to calm the tumultuous waters, to ease the pain, to give the hope, to find the peace, to heal the disease, to find the love, to earn the money, to discover the purpose. Prayer to a father who makes rules by which we must live unquestionably and to whose will we must surrender doesn??????? cut it any more. We want more say in things. We want to write our own destiny, after we find out what that is, of course.

And so Hay House conferences like ??????I Can Do It!?????? are born. With more than 30 speakers, all ??????featured authors,?????? the Las Vegas weekend includes such powerhouses of new age thought as Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Masaru Emoto, Louise L. Hay, Sylvia Browne, Bill Phillips and more more more. The pre-conference schedule starts on Thursday, May 17 with keynotes by Colette Baron-Reid ??????Amazing and Mysterious Intuitive Readings?????? and Sylvia Browne ??????Spiritual Connections.?????? Pre-conference Workshops on Friday, May 18 include titles such as ??????Learn to Trust Your Vibes and Improve your Psychic Ability,?????? ??????Question Your Thinking, Change the World,?????? and ??????Miracles at Mid-Life.??????

The Opening Keynote on Friday night is by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer ??????Change Your Thoughts-Change Your Life.?????? Dr Dyer has incorporated his work with Tao Te Ching (Chinese Book of the Way) to produce his ??????manual on the art of living,?????? a guide which promises to help you align yourself with the universe and experience greater peace. Saturday morning starts with Louise L. Hay ??????I Can Do It! How to use affirmations to change your life,?????? then followed by Bill Phillips with ??????Transformation. You Have the Power and Ability to Change.?????? This is heady stuff to a world clamoring for answers.

A potent two days of concurrent workshops offers a smorgasbord of self-improvement topics such as ??????The Divine Matrix, Shattering the Paradigm of False Limits,?????? ??????You Can Have What You Want- Proven Strategies for Inner and Outer Success,?????? ??????The Healing Power of Water,?????? ??????Letting Go and Becoming ??????? Living a Miraculous Life,?????? ??????Stop Worrying and Move Forward?????? (that has got to be written for me!) and ??????Intuitive Health ??????? Listening to Your Body??????? Inner Guidance.?????? Please note that this list is far from complete. The program is capped on Sunday afternoon by a keynote on ??????Explorations in Consciousness?????? by the fabled Deepak Chopra. Chopra will explore the connection between physical, quantum and non-local reality a topic at the heart of The Secret.
Are we lucky to live in Vegas or what? While most of the world views our town as the mecca for gambling, booze and the wild life, Sin City is actually evolving into a mecca for those on the spiritual quest. No longer should we say ??????what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.?????? What??????? going on here is too big for that.

I Can Do It!, Las Vegas Nevada. May 17-20. Venetian Hotel. www.hayhouse.com

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