Tibetan Astrologer Jhampa Kalsang

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Just in case there is anyone out there who still thinks this town is only about gambling, the coming visit of Dr. Jhampa Kalsang should help quell that prejudice and reinforce my premise that Las Vegas is a vortex for a whole other kind of energy. Dr. Kalsang was trained in the Tibetan Medical Astrological Institute in Dharamasala, India and has travelled extensively in the States and Europe during his lengthy teaching and consulting career. He’ll be giving two lectures on the science of Elemental Astrology as taught and practiced in Tibet (Jung-Tsis), as well as a special seminar for more in-depth study. The belief is that we can heal ourselves by balancing the five elements key to Jung Tsis. The 1st lecture will be at the Lohan School of Shaolin, 3850 Schiff Dr. on Fri Mar 23 @ 6 pm. The 2nd lecture is on Sat Mar 24 @ 1:30 pm at the West Sahara Library, 9600 W. Sahara Ave. The workshop-seminar on Sun Mar 25 will be held at a private home and registration is required. The cost is $40 for the morning (10a-1p) and $50 for the afternoon (2p-5p). To register, email svetala@gmail.com or call 619-819-9276 or 702-219-1191.

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