Date of Stardust Implosion Scooped

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If you have been looking for a ??????sign?????? as to the actual date of the Stardust implosion, look no further. Road crews have been out and posted major thoroughfares surrounding the venerable, soon to be vanquished, casino. ??????Desert Inn closed March 13 midnight to 5 am.?????? Las Vegas Blvd between Fashion Show Mall and the Riviera closed March 13 midnight to 5 am.?????? You don??????? have to be genius to figure out the probable date of the implosion.

Should I have kept this to myself and enjoyed the show from the privileged vantage point of my balcony? Will I be responsible for mass pandemonium this fateful Tuesday? Am I a threat to National (or at least City) Security? I could bother myself with these doubts, but basically I don??????? like secrecy when it involves the government. It just plain makes me nervous. I sorta feel like it??????? my patriotic duty to spread the word amongst my fellow citizens. Who am I to decide who is fit to witness a big construction project?

So if you want to pay last homage to the august Stardust and don??????? want to wake up in the morning to a void in the skyline, my bet is on March 13, 2:00 am. Maybe this isn??????? such a big deal in the scope of things, one implosion in Las Vegas vs. all the explosions in Iraq, but for me it??????? the idea that Big Brother wants to control my access to the Truth. It??????? become a matter of principle. I???????l defiantly watch the show and hope that you will join me from whatever vantage point you have. But stay away from actual site, be smart and safe.

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