Riches on FX

TV | | March 13, 2007 at 11:08

Watching TV is considered by some to be a sign of low intellect, lack of purpose, too much idle time, waste of time, laziness, etc etc. I have to agree that most of what is telecast is pretty minimal in content and value. This is excluding PBS, of course; enough said on that. But once in a while, there’s a TV show that captures your imagination, reaches through the screen, grabs you by the collar, and whisks you away from your own worldy concerns into a fantasy world peopled by complex and intriguing characters. I think that the pilot "Riches" that aired on FX (Channel 24, Cox Cable, 10:00 pm) last night did just that. I have no idea if they can keep it up. Most of these shows fast deteriorate into predictable soap opera plots and melodrama. Only time will tell. I’ll definitely give it a chance. It makes a great transition from 24 (Fox, Channel 5, 9:00), a show that I will readily admit keeps me home on Monday nights. Don’t mess with Jack Bauer!