Stardust Goes Down in a Blaze of Glory

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Golden StardustEither someone read my article or I was expressing a very common sentiment, cause the powers that be not only removed the implosion from the cloud of secrecy (albeit with only 12 hours notice), but arranged a phenomenol light show worthy of the demise of the grand dame. Hours in advance of the 2:30 am event, the building began to be swathed in color, alternating magenta, blue, gold, green, chartreuse, and ghostly silver. Intermittently multiple white spotlights flashed across the honey-combed facade, eery with all glass removed and the twinkling golden lights of Spring Valley peeking through the open frame. Stardust Implosion

The helicopters began to appear at 2:00 am, first two, then three and finally four, circling and hovering, mirroring our own anticipation. After the evening’s kaleidoscopic light show, what would the last moments look like? As if to say to the public, “We were wrong. This is Las Vegas afterall, and the world deserves our special kind of show,” the regulators and the organizers put on a fireworks display of grand and glorious scale. With starbursts in the night sky and rockets shooting from the Stardust herself, the signal that the end was near brought applause and cheers from a grateful public. The final moments were marked by a giant blazing countdown on the side of the tall shell, 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1, and then she came down in a towering cloud of stardust that filled the night air.

4 seconds to goFrom one humble citizen comes words of THANK YOU for a glorious finale to an era, and for living up to the grand reputation that brought me to Las Vegas in the first place. We have a responsibility to the world always to be over the top – and you did just fine last night.

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