Creating Abundance and Powerful Visions

Personal Development, Speakers/Lectures | | March 23, 2007 at 14:48

We all know about Personal Development. It??????? the new rage, the latest in how to be rich, happy, healthy, fulfilled. There are so many versions out there that one cannot avoid being impressed by the ingenuity and creativity required to package the message in a unique way. I attended a presentation last night by Clara Mayer, PhD candidate who had developed her take on the power of positive thinking. Of course, positive thinking is old school terminology. Today we talk about visualization and affirmations, but it all has the common denominator of creating a world through the power of your own positive vision.

Clara is in the process of obtaining certification as a Corporate Trainer as well as writing her thesis. Her workshop entitled ??????Creating Abundance through a Powerful Vision?????? enlisted group participation and required a willingness to share private thoughts and experiences. Clara has classified mental and emotional states as ones of either “scarcity?????? or ??????abundance.?????? Operating from the framework of ??????scarcity,?????? you are in what Mayer defines as ??????psychological assessment,?????? a condition when circumstances control your action. The opposite occurs from the position of ??????abundance?????? when commitment and declaration dictate action. It is only when we operate from an ??????abundance?????? state of mind that we are able to create our own vision and direct our own lives.

Vision is about direction, about having a goal. Vision requires the clarity to define exactly what you want in life. Next you must want it more than anything else; you must be driven by passion. Then you must visualize; you are already the person in your vision, your vision is already yours. Lastly, your values must be in alignment with the vision itself. One of her most powerful challenges was to answer ??????What is your perfect day??????? If you can answer that honestly, then you can know what it is you truly desire in life. Having the courage to follow through is your next challenge.