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I attended an intriguing talk today at the West Sahara Library featuring Dr. Jhampa Kalsang, a doctor of Tibetan Astro (astrology) Medicine. Dr. Kalsang studied and then instructed at the Dalai Lama’s School of Tibetan Medicine in Dharamsala, India. He moved to Europe in the early 90’s and taught workshops in several countries including Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Holland. In the late 90’s he was asked to speak at an International Tibetan Astro Medicine Conference in Washington DC sponsored by Harvard Medical School. That speaking engagement led to a year contract speaking at Princeton, Yale, Columbia and Harvard. He now lives in San Diego where he conducts seminars with Tibetan scholars that are non-sectarian and include all schools of Tibetan Buddhism. This is the second time he has been in Las Vegas and intends to visit once a year, perhaps establishing a school if there is enough interest.

The practice of Tibetan Astro Medicine is more than 3,000 years old. As there was no written language until the 7th century, the knowledge and practice was passed verbally from mother practitioners to daughters and fathers to sons. He recounted the tale of a popular and powerful king who ruled over a vast kingdom extending from Manali, India deep into modern day China. A portion of his vast wealth came from taxes imposed upon travelers of the Silk Road as they passed through ancient Tibet. The king was desirous of a written alphabet, so sent his sons and a minister to India to learn Sanskrit. All died from the extreme heat of India save the minister, who returned to develop the script that is in use today with Tibetan.

The tenants of the Tibetan practice of medicine are based on several factors, including the astrology of the patient, which is determined by the time of birth. It is vital to understand the cycles of life; timing is everything. Also important is the consideration of climate and diet. Diet must be adjusted according to the season. In fact, Dr. Kalsang proposes that the change of seasons is beneficial to good health and well-being. He cautioned especially against very cold drinks in a hot climate, disturbing the digestion. In fact, he attributed a possible cause of our epidemic of obesity to the intake of such volumes of cold drink with our meals. Diet is the number one consideration in Tibetan medicine. The food you eat is “energy you are injecting into your body.” It does you no good to take supplements or medicines without proper nutrition. Only good food can make you healthy. He quoted Aristotle as saying, “The best medicine is food.”

Tibetans utilize herbs for treatment of disease, even kidney stones can be broken up and passed in the urine by the intake of the correct herbs. Dr. Kalsang was quick to instruct that herbs are never given alone, but always blended, helping to avoid the toxicity that can occur even with natural products. Tibetan medicine and spirituality are closely connected. Medical treatments are always energized by mantras.

Diagnosis is by examining external parts of the body to reflect internal weakness. For example, the tongue is connected to the heart; certain conditions of the tongue can indicate heart problems. The Tibetan doctor will look at the coloring in the whites of the eyes; he will test the urine. Most importantly, he takes the pulse, but with a woman, it is first the left, then right, and for the man, the opposite.

According to Dr. Kalsang, the main cause for cancer is stress, with the ingestion of chemicals in our environment as second. He recommends yoga and meditation, and taking time out of the day to relax. He dismisses the excuse that one can be too busy to cook or to meditate. There are 24 hours in every day, he says. Do not tell me you cannot find one hour. Our society is so stressed that people cannot sleep on the most expensive of mattresses, while the poor snore loudly and sleep soundly on rags in the railroad station in Delhi.

The Tibetans see astrology as providing a blueprint for life. You would not construct a building without a blueprint, so why would you plan your life without one? It is very important for them to ascertain the time of death so they can tailor their life to use the time wisely. Dr. Kalsang advises that although money is not bad and we all need to pay our bills, one should not “over-attach” to it. He does enjoy sending extra dollars to India to help his relatives and, most important to him, to maintain his Tibetan store in San Diego which provides Tibetan goods and medicines to Tibetan refugees. Having more than you need translates to the ability to help others.

Dr. Kalsang is associated with the Buddhist community in Las Vegas. For more information about his next visit or Buddhist activities, call 702-219-1191. Also visit the website of the Lohan School of Shaolin. www.lvlohans.com


Dr. Kalsang will be available Sun Mar 25 for Personal Astrological Readings. This will help you with that blueprint of life I talked about earlier in the article. Jhampa, as he is known to his associates, will give counsel and recommendations for appropriate courses of action and antidotes to alleviate obstacles. Necessary data: Full Name, Date of Birth, Time of Birth, Place of Birth. The cost for a personal consultation, including tape is $130. Please call Sveta 619-819-9276 or email svetala@gmail.com. This is an amazing opportunity to have a personal reading from one of the world’s leaders in Tibetan Medicine and Astrology.

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