Compulsive Gamblers Lecture

FREE, Speakers/Lectures, UNLV | | April 14, 2007 at 11:36

The Swiss decided to deal with their gambling issues in a socially responsible way. When they legalized major casinos, they made it part of the licensing requirements to propose programs for troubled gamblers, even outlining how they would ban certain players exhibiting obsessive behavior. Prof William N. Thompson of UNLV will speak at Barrick Museum Auditorium on Mon Apr 16 7:30p on “Compulsive Gamblers: How the Swiss Handle this Problem.” Prof. Thompson has some ideas on how the Swiss model could be adapted for Las Vegas.

This is another in the Free Lecture Series of the University Forum, offered to the public by UNLV. Call 702-895-3401 for more info. Barrick Museum Auditorium, UNLV campus, Las Vegas NV.

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