High-End Antiques at Wholesale Prices

Art, Discounts, Shopping | | May 8, 2007 at 09:31

This seems like a unique opportunity for non-professionals to have a chance toantique.jpg purchase some very high-end antiques at wholesale prices normally reserved for designers, decorators and builders. Market Road is owned by two local UNLV law graduates, who are following their dream of collecting and bringing to the public an eclectic mix of British, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish and Indian antiques rescued from private homes throughout India. Not only is each piece a remarkable work of art and craftsmanship, but has a story flavored by colonial days and the extravagant richess of noble India.

The collection is presented as one-of-a-kind antiques as well as replicas made from antique materials going back to the 14th century. Doors and building details such as mantels and corbels are also included. Private and retail shoppers are welcome. Call 702-567-2440 for more info or email matthew@marketroadimports.com. Venue is Market Road LTD 6012 Topaz # 7 Las Vegas NV (between Patrick & Russell on Topaz). www.marketroad.netmarketroad.jpg

Dates for viewing and purchase:
Wed May 9 6p-9p Reception and Showing
Thurs May 10 8a-7p Open House
Fri May 11 8a-7p Open House
Sat May 12 8a-7p Open House