Spiritual Skydiving (Kriya yoga)

Personal Development, Religion & Spirituality | | May 21, 2007 at 19:47

spiritualskydiving.jpgThe Spiritual Skydiving Workshop will be held May 26 from noon-2pm. The technique was inspired by the ancient disciplines of Kriya yoga. Kri in Sanskrit means “action” and ya means “soul”. This class will deal with the release of blocked energies and letting go of emotional traumas, improving health and perhaps preventing disease. Benefits are energized brain cells resulting in better memory and more clarity, joy and bliss. $40 advance payment and $55 at door. Read more detail at transformationsahealingplace.com.
Call 702-252-3502. Transformations A Healing Place 1725 Rainblow Blvd Ste 25 Las Vegas NV.

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