Revolution Church comes to Vegas

FREE, Religion & Spirituality | | May 31, 2007 at 08:16

onepunk.JPGWhile waiting for the film “Pan’s Labyrinth” to start at the Monday film screening in the Whiskey Attic upstairs from Freaking Frog, we struck up a conversation with a clear-eyed, handsome young man on a mission. Seems that Pastor Ralph is concerned about the dwindling numbers of young people who attend church, so he’s hooked up with Jay Bakker of NYC to take the message to the people. He’s talking about how Pastor Jay of Revolution Church New York City is delivering his message in bars and thinks it’s a great concept for our town.

The postcard invitation to a special Las Vegas appearance of Pastor Jay reads
As Christians, we’re sorry for being self-righteous judgmental bastards.” Bakker’s message is centered on the unconditional love and grace of Jesus and especially wants those who have felt unwelcome or rejected by their church. Gay, punk, alcoholic, exotic, insane, or just plain boring middle-class – this movement doesn’t care who you are. They just want you to know God’s love! (I would call it the love and acceptance of fellow man.) Check out his website

I was struck by the real “fundamentalism” of this philosophy – isn’t that the way the original word was spread? Didn’t it all start with just a few guys going around to marketplaces and teahouses and such – spreading the good news (gospel) and forgiving prostitutes and thieves along with all the “normal” Jews and non-Jews.

Pastor Jay Bakker will be here Sat Jun 2 @ 6pm and Sun Jun 3 @ 10:45am and 5:30pm to deliver his message of inclusiveness. Pastor Ralph Supper (pronounced Super) of Community Lutheran Church invites you to call 702-458-2241 ext 225, email or go to the website Community Lutheran Church 3720 E Tropicana Av Las Vegas NV.

Just as an interesting aside, Jay Bakker is the son of televangelist Tammy Faye and Jim, so he definitely is no newcomer to motivating the masses. He also starred in the Sundance Channel 6-Part documentary “One Punk Under God.”