2007 Epicurean Delight Day After

Food & Drink | | June 1, 2007 at 10:58

flamingoneon1.jpgWe arrived late so the phenomenal ice sculptures were losing their battle with the 90+ heat of a perfect Vegas summer night by the Flamingo Pool, but not enough that you couldn’t see the imagination and artistry of the craft. The sculptures were everywhere, carved into intricate shapes with commercial logos imbedded in their majestic forms.

To say that there was food and drink for all tastes would be an understatement. The risk was that you tried something of everything, tempting your indigestion to head down a dangerous path. More hip than sophisticated, two genres of music partitioned the venue into reggae and country western, with dancers, acrobats, mechanical bull riders and juggling bartenders adding visual entertainment to the culinary experience.

Beautiful people sampling beautiful food washed down with exotic drink. The evening was quintessential Vegas – over the top and wonderful. Imagine a taste, it was there – along with concoctions that only run-away fantasy can produce. One of my personal favorites was the Paris Sundae Station with a creation (among several) of creme fraiche sorbet, berry soup and meringue. My husband was wild about the braised Pork Belly also from Paris, which while incredibly succulent, did not draw the desired crowds – no surprise there. Eating pork belly in any form is a cultural thing.

My favorite signage was "Eat Drink & Be Mariachi" on a booth with all the Mexican fixings. As usual, one of the hottest items was the mini-cheesebuger. Let’s face it, all that gourmet stuff needs aexoticdrink.jpg push down with a solid staple, especially after too many drinks. And there was plenty of booze, especially the tropical drink variety, with a plethora of booths serving up brews. Underrepresented for such events was wine, which didn’t bother me as wine-tastings are ho-hum ubiquitous these days.

You need the full three hours to sample everything, but even though we didn’t arrive until after 9:00, there was still a wealth of tastes and treats that made you forget there are hungry people in the world. Well, okay, I didn’t forget. I felt a little guilty every time I took a couple of bites and threw out the rest. Hey, what can you do? Might as well enjoy the upside of Las Vegas – the chance to sample some of the best chefs exercising their craft for the pleasure of those lucky enough to attend the 2007 Epicurean Affair. See you in 2008!

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