Happy Fourth of July!

Uncategorized | | June 22, 2007 at 08:58

happy4th.jpgliberty4th.jpgBar-B-Q’s, friends, family, parades, boating if you’re lucky enough to be near water, three-legged races, roller coaster rides, blankets on the grass, music in the night air, cold beer, chilled wine, softball, fireworks – all good thoughts, happy memories and reasons to celebrate livin’ in the USA. Happy Birthday America!

Thank you to that bunch of genuises filled with vision and courage that locked themselves up in Philadelphia 231 years ago and signed that glorious document called the Declaration of Independence, july-4.jpgstarting this whole wonderful American adventure. Here’s to all the good times and the bad times – the wars, the triumphs, the panics, the recoveries, the shame, the tragedies, the courage, conviction, innovation and pride of America. No place is perfect, but we’re doing a pretty good job of keeping the dream of that Declaration alive, well and thriving.

No matter how you are celebrating today, I hope you take time to reflect on the great gift our predecessors have passed on to us and that no matter how disgusted and fedkids4th.jpg up we might feel when we read the paper or see the news, this is still the greatest place on the planet for the most number of people. And if there are things we don’t like, think about those men who joined together in 1776 and did something about it.

Have fun, be safe and be happy to be American!