Thank you Hilton and LVCC for fireworks!!!

Fireworks | | June 22, 2007 at 08:58

4thfireworks.jpgFor those of you lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time July 4th, the fireworks display by the Las Vegas Country Club, followed by the Las Vegas Hilton were phenomenal. The Country Club is a private affair, with dinner tables and music by the clubhouse, but the display rises high up from the fairway and was well-visible if you were in the vicinity of Desert Inn & the Strip (Joe W Brown precisely). Those with east-facing rooms in the Wynn and Hilton surely had a treat.

They started promptly at 9pm and went on for more than 20 minutes with a splendid array of color, including marvelous white “spermy-like” spirals swimming their way across the night sky – a first time view for me at least. Although put on entirely for their own pleasure, I still hilton.jpgappreciate the show which was 99% aerial – easily viewed by anyone in that part of town. The Hilton followed exactly on cue with their pyrotechnic show launched from the parking garage a block away, a shorter version but just as awesome and spectacular.

Unannounced officially, these two shows might have been more exciting because they were unexpected. I don’t know who makes the decisions about fireworks on the Strip – obviously for the hotels it is a business choice. There have been shows on the 4th in the past, but not last night, save for the Hilton. I do know that there must have been a few disappointed tourists, not to mention locals, who made their way out of the casinos to watch a show that didn’t happen.

I read that the Hilton Hotels have been sold for zillions of dollars cash – who knows what next year will bring? This can be a hard town to live in – it’s exciting and full of surprises, but those same qualities make it unpredictable and ephemeral. You think you might have the beginnings of a tradition, and poof! it’s gone in an instant. That goes for tall buildings to live jazz. If you’re not comfortable with constant change, you’re probably going to feel a bit lost and frustrated.

But this is Las Vegas – we’re supposed to do everything bigger and bolder and more over the top. At least there are a couple of groups that try to keep the standard.

Thank you Hilton!!! Thank you Las Vegas Country Club!!!

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