About Sandra Off the Strip

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I moved to Vegas and set out to explore the underbelly of a city that most only know by the bright lights of the Strip. After discovering a complete parallel universe “off the Strip,” I decided to share my experiences and create a blog that tells you where to savor the REAL Las Vegas – gritty, humble, human, ever-changing, sometimes decadant, sometimes poignant, always intriguing. More than just a good time, it’s an adventure of surprising twists and turns. Come hop down the rabbit hole with us!

l1020460.JPGThis is about the REAL Las Vegas for REAL people. It’s for people who want to look behind and beyond the corporate face of town. Everything that you are going to read on these pages is 100% my opinion, my thoughts and my impressions unless otherwise identified by “guest contributor.” I am not paid by any establishment to visit them or write about them. My material is original and based on my personal experiences. I tell it like I see it.

The category of “Restaurants” are places where I have eaten and can recommend. That does not mean that it is the best in town, unless I so render an opinion. But it does mean that I would go back. Some places are cheap, some are definitely not. But they are all eateries where value matches dollars spent. Sandra’s Pick is my bet that you won’t be disappointed.

It’s my blog so I put in it what I think is interesting – hopefully you will find something of interest for you. You’ll find articles about upcoming events, comments and critiques of events that have happened, sometimes background to make you better informed, or opinions on subjects that aren’t specifically Las Vegas, but could interest someone from anywhere. After all, “off the strip” is a pretty big universe.

I will be adding some products that I think you could use to make your live better or at least, more fun. I’ll be including some travel notes as I take the show on the road. I also want to feature guest writers who can bring more viewpoints to the site. Sandra Off the Strip is a work in progress. I hope you will follow along and contribute.l1020458.JPG

I welcome your comments and your imput. Let me know abaout events in Vegas that you want to share with other travellers on the road of discovery Off the Strip. Contact me by commenting to the blog or email me: sandraoffthestrip@yahoo.com