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The site had 8300 visitors viewing in excess of 40,000 pages in May 2007

Ad Classifications

A. Banner (468 x 60) – (IMU) Interactive Marketing Unit.
Placement: In the center panel above the first post or between posts.
Max 2 links.
Rate starts at $50 per week for lowest position on page. (approx 0.5¢ per impression)

B. Leaderboard (728 x 90) – (IMU) Interactive Marketing Unit
Placement: Above the fold just below the header.
Max 4 links.
Rate starts at $200 per week. (approx 2.0¢ per impression)

Payment and minimum duration

  • We accept PayPal or credit cards
  • Minimum of 4 weeks
  • Rate set before each contract period

Ad Layout

  • Layout of ads will match general look of site
  • Primary ad layout is Google-style text ads
  • Advertiser submits ad copy, subject to editing
  • Image ads that do not blink or move may be acceptable
  • Image ads must be provided in .jpeg format


Email interest Contact Form or call:
Jesper Nielsen PhD, Marketing
Phone: 702-734-1827