“USS Las Vegas” Trekker Chapter

Clubs & Assns, the Arts, TV | | June 24, 2007 at 22:23

startrek1.jpgA corner of Quark’s Lounge at the Hilton last night was bursting with enthusiastic members of the Las Vegas branch of the International Federation of Trekkers (otherwise known to uninitiated as a Star Trek Club.) Officially titled the USS Las Vegas (NFC-0502), it’s a conceptual ship and crew guided by Captain Paul Walker, Jr and Executive Officer Mike Cornwell. Real life manifestation is a well-organized meet-up for all those who love Star Trek and the promise it gave us of frontiers beyond our small lonely planet.

The meeting kicks off with a detailed agenda, updates on Star Trek activities of all kinds, especially the upcoming August convention, reports on films and possible renewal of TV shows, and acknowledgments of new crew rank. The meal from Quark’s menu is complemented by a trivia quiz and general chit chat about beloved shows and characters ranging from the original series of 1966 with Captain Kirk to the present day whereabouts of popular cast members. Apparently Jonathan Frakes is tucked away in Maine, teaching acting. Trivia question: How many hours in a day on DS-9 (Deep Space 9)? Answer: 26

This group, with a membership of about 30 people and growing, does good works too. The Club has adopted a stretch of Kyle Canyon Rd (highway to Mt Charleston) and goes about four times a year to pick up litter. They also have a sister club from Henderson which is a Klingon ship and more militaristic in outlook. Hey, they’re Klingons, what do you expect?

The big buzz at the moment is the Star Trek Convention at the Hilton Aug 9-12 and the club’s Picardo Project. The USS Las Vegas has invited Bob Picardo (the hologram doctor from the Voyager series) for apicardo.jpg club dinner on August 10 when the Las Vegas group and the Klingons will dine with Picardo and enjoy exclusive photo ops, autographs and general hob-knobbing. They are hoping other celebrities will also make an appearance. The dinner is open to members and guests only, but the club encourages you to join for only $14 a year if meeting the 3rd Wed of each month with other Trekkies sounds like fun.

If you are interested, check out their website usslasvegas.org with updates on activities including social gatherings outside of the monthly meetings. Email info@usslasvegas.org or call 702-494-9297 or 702-448-0868 for more info. Live long and prosper!

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