Update to my site

Uncategorized | | June 25, 2007 at 11:27

lasaa-vegas.jpgFor my frequent viewers, you will notice changes to my site. I have upgraded a couple of features including a place to enter your email address for notification of events that interest you. You will find the entry location on the lower left column of the screen. I commit to you that your email address will not be sold or passed on to ANYBODY, but only used in the context of this site.

You will also notice some glitches with links etc that I am working hard to correct. Those of you familiar with internet programs realize that no upgrade or change goes without problems. I also did not make any new entries over the weekend as the database was being transferred.

If you encounter any problems with links etc, just check back in a couple of days. You can also email me comments if you want to take the time. Thanks for visiting sandraoffthestrip. I hope you find something in Las Vegas that catches your fancy. My mission is to bring the real Las Vegas to real people – and I define real people as those who work hard for their money and are looking for value. You’ll find a little of everything on the site – I have resisted specialization because I believe most people have more than one interest in life. I certainly do.