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Earth | | July 1, 2007 at 08:50


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A global environmental musical event called “Live Earth” took place 7-7-7. Let’s hope it’s true that today is the luckiest day in a thousand years cause the planet could use some help. Stars performed at nine concerts around the world to raise awareness of the environmental trends which portend massive climate change for the third rock from the sun that we call home.

incontruth.jpgEx-Vice-President Al Gore, who quipped that he is “ex-next President of the United States” stated that this was the greenest event of its kind, ever.” For more details on the event, log onto Gore, co-founder of Live Earth, has also turned filmmaker with his 2007 Academy award-winning film on global warming titled “An Inconvenient Truth.” For more on the film see,

Venues for the concerts were: New Jersey, Washington DC, London, Johannesburg,liveearth1.jpg Shanghai, Tokyo, Sydney, and Hamburg – with a mini-concert with scientist performers in Antarctica, making it a musical/environmental event spanning all 7 continents.

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