Black Powder Rifle and Pistol Shoot

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buffalorump.jpgAnd I hear complaints from people that there is nothing to do in Vegas unless you like gambling…..

If you are looking for something really different, try the Spring Mountain Free Trappers group which hosts a black powder muzzle loading rifle and pistol shoot twice a month in the summer and once a month in the winter.

Call to see if we are considered in winter now.

They also put on a knife and hawk (hatchett) throwing competition. I spoke with Dan (Buffalo Rump – see photo) and am assured all interested are welcome.

The firearms are replicas of traditional black powder weapons like Davy Crockett used, restricted to round ball only, 60 grain limit. Some of the 30-odd regulars make and sell leather clothing and are skilled at knife and hawk (hatchett) production. They can repair a gun and pride themselves on knowing the ways of the mountain men. You don’t have to have any firearms and you don’t have to compete.

They usually camp, are there all day Saturday and continue until about noon on Sunday. Some people drive up for the day in the RV’s, so roughing it is not required. The shoot takes place the 1st full weekend and 3rd weekend of the month during summer, the 1st weekend during winter. Most of the year the members meet at Lovell Canyon or CC Springs, on the way to Pahrump. The group summers at the Blue Tree Area in Lee’s Canyon (north on 95 towards Reno) from the first weekend in May. Buffalo Rump cautions that there is a small sign to indicate the turn.

The yearly Rendevzous is in the late fall at Spring Mt. Ranch State Park by Red Rock with about 250 people competing in rifle, pistol, smooth bore, hawk, knife, lance, archery, firestart, survival trek, competitions for kids and ladies and a dutch oven contest (that’s cooking.)

Yearly family memberships are $25 and event fees are just $5 per member. Call Dan at 702-645-2658 for more info. Directions to the campsites are on the website All ages are welcome.

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