Sandra’s Showcase: Sheila Z and the Climate Project

A Point of View, Earth, Personal Development, Religion & Spirituality | | August 14, 2007 at 08:12

sheilaz.jpgThere are many fascinating personalities in our town, following a myriad of different paths, living vastly different lifestyles, pursuing diverse destinies – all of them influencing our lives and our local culture in their own unique way. Sandra’s Showcase will highlight intellectual, spiritual and motivational talent in Las Vegas. These articles will feature stories of people whose lives are dedicated to making a difference – in our town, in our country, maybe even across the globe.

My first featured personality is Sheila Z (Stirling), Director of the Open Wisdom Institute, author, member of the Light Team of Ions, organizer of the “Intentional Wellness Conference” and personally selected participant in Al Gore’s “The Climate Project.” I asked Sheila how she was chosen for the Climate Project – a training program for 1000 nationally recruited participants held in Nashville by Gore. Follow this link to read her response Sandra’a Showcase.

To read more about Sheila and her community, spiritual and healing work, go to the following links: “What’s Up with Planet Earth”, Saving Our Planet, Intentional Wellness Conference, IONS Meeting, Big Pharma and ADD, Sandra’a Showcase: Sheila Z